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I am Ina - blogger and founder of pattydoo. On my blog and through video tutorials I share my sewing knowledge, tips & tricks, sewing projects and free patterns to other sewing addicts!


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I’m lucky to be part of the flourishing online community of people who are getting out their sewing machines and taking their wardrobe into their own hands. It’s great that so many people are learning to make clothes they love and feeling fabulous wearing them.

I really hope you enjoy the pattydoo patterns. A lot of love goes into everything produced and we want you to have fun sewing! We hope our videos, tutorials and patterns can help you do that.

Please do leave comments or contact us via our Facebook site. We also have Instagram and Pinterest for the English site and all video tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel. If you want to be regularly informed about new blog posts then use the links on the right of this page to follow us on Bloglovin or subscribe to our RSS feed.

I hope you enjoy visiting the pattydoo site!

Happy sewing!





| Messicca says:

Hello Ina,
I was wondering if you could post a pattern for a wrap top or wrap dress possibly that would be a snug fit please?
I am learning to sew with your English videos and I am an absolute fan- you've made sewing a passion for me as it used to be so hard to understand but thanks to you not anymore!! I love all you patterns!!! More posts please!!
Thank you soooo much!!!! Xx

Hi Messicca! Great to hear that you enjoy the videos and patterns!!!

You'll be pleased to hear that there could well be a wrap dress emerging in the future... whatch this space ;)

| Messicca says:

Thank you!!! I got the pattern almost instantly- how exciting thank you again!!! Xx

| Sylvie says:

Ina, Rebecca, hi,
Yes, I really enjoy your patterns and tutorials . I want to tank you both for sharing with us.
Even if your videos are very clear and a real pleasure to watch, I'm sure Ina is giving some tips and tricks... that I can't understand. Is there any chance you'll translate someday the pattern Max ?? There's nothing in english for our men....
Thanks a lot again !

| Rahina says:

Hi Inna, I purchased several patterns from your shop but most of them are in german. Unpportunatelly I don't speak german. Please I need your help to change me to the ones in english. I will send you the perttern names and order numbers. Thank you for your patterns
I send this message to you previously. But it seems it was distorted.

Hi Ina,

I was wondering if the diy for underwear for kids is going to be translated in English. I am very interested. Thank you for your answer.

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