How To Sew A Sweathirt Dress - Sewing Pattern "Carol"

sewing pattern sweat dressYou like it casual, comfortable and uncomplicated? Something to pull over and feel good? Then you will like „Carol“ - our sweatshirt dress pattern! It's a casual dress for your leisure time, whose look you can influence with your choice of fabric. So it can be a sporty or an everyday piece. The pattern is a perfect project for beginners, it's easy to sew and offers different variations for the neckline, the sleeves and the pockets. You can also sew the skirt separately and combine it with our shirt "Liv“ for example.

Our sweatshirt dress „Carol“ for women (sizes DE 32-54 / UK 6-28 / US 4-26) is made as a comfortable basic piece which you can shape with an elastic tunnel or a drawstring. It is a little bit shorter than usual so it matches perfectly with leggings, skinny jeans but can also be worn just as a single piece.

sewing pattern sweat dress DIY

The top comes with a flat neckline and slightly oversized shoulder parts with long and three-quarter sleeves. You can sew the skirt part with diagonally or slit pockets.

sewing pattern sweat dress pockets

On our sewing pattern page you can find all the informations for the measurements and the fabric

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Video Tutorial

You can watch all the steps for sewing in our video tutorial:

Fabric recommendation

The pattern is designed for elastic fabrics - french terry, Interlock, knits, or jacquard jersey are perfect for the dress. Advice: The pattern is made for those thicker and stronger fabrics, if you choose something thinner, consider that the dress wont have the same expanse. Therefor we always recommend to sew a sample with a similiar fabric as the one you want to choose for your final dress.

sewing pattern sweat dress with tutorial video

With striped designs you can create great effects and make your dress a real outstanding
eyecatcher. Here we turned the sight parts of the skirt against the grain so that the stripes are going diagonal.

sewing pattern sweat dress pockets

If you like it a bit more elegant, you can use a conspicious design of the fabric. Here we used an jacquard jersey by Hamburger Liebe. I also used an elastic band in the drawstring instead of a cord.

sewing pattern sweat dress jaquard jersey

The slit pockets are sewn as shown in our german tutorial HERE.

sewing pattern sweat dress jaquard jersey pockets

Sporty skirt

In the sewing pattern the top and the skirt are separated so you also have the opportunity to sew
them as single pieces. Therefor you need to adjust the pattern pieces a little bit and cut out an extra waistband. It is super comfy and sporty.

sewing pattern sweat dress sporty skirt

While I was searching for some coole fabrics for my dress I discovered the belgian brand „Chat Chocolat“ - I could not resist for the mint french terry with cupper print.


The neckline i sewed here with a jersey strip to cover the seam.

sewing neckline

On the diagonal edges of the pockets you can use a folded strip of fabric or edging to add little colorful accents. You just put it in between the seam allowance when you sew the sides and pockets together.


So now I am done ;)
I truly wanted to show you the different opportunities how to sew the dress and i did not even show all of them. I m super curious now, how you like the pattern and the video of „Carol“.

Have a nice weekend & „happy sewing“

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