Questions about pattydoo patterns

How do pattydoo patterns work?

Have a look at the short instructional video. In less than 2 minutes every step of the process is explained.

Questions about orders

How do I place an order with pattydoo?

As soon as you’ve selected your pattern, you can add it to your cart. Simply click on the "add to cart" button. If you want to save a pattern for later, click the "save design" button.

add to cart

How do I get my hands on the actual pattydoo pattern?

After you’ve bought and paid for the pattern, you’ll receive an email with a link to the purchases in your account. There you’ll see a "download" button – click it to download your pattern as a pdf file.

Why do I have to register with pattydoo?

Your registration will generate a personal account for you. With this account you can both save your patterns and view all your past orders. And this way you can download any pattern you’ve bought from pattydoo anytime.

How do I pay for things on pattydoo?

You can pay for the patterns (besides the free ones) with direct debit, Paypal or with credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Further information can be found on the payment methods page.

Questions about patterns

What’s in a pattydoo pattern?

The pattydoo pattern is a downloadable pdf file. It contains your individual pattern as well as other information relevant to the completion of your sewing project. For particularly simple sewing projects the pdf might contain only written instructions. Once you have designed your pattern, the pdf file you receive will also contain a preview of your project, as well as links to the shops which stock fabrics and other materials you might need.

How do I print out my pattydoo pattern?

Open the pattydoo pattern with Adobe Reader (free download here) and in the printer settings select “Actual Size”. The pattern must be unscaled so that it prints out in the correct size.  Make sure that the “Actual Size” box is checked rather than the “Scale” or “Custom scale” box.

print actual size

How do I put my pattydoo pattern together?

On each page cut the pattern along the right and bottom edges of the grid and glue or tape the pieces together so that the corresponding letters and numbers line up exactly. All lines should join together and the outlines should be clearly visible.

how to put pattern together

How are the sewing levels defined?

1 ButtonA very simple sewing project that’s great for beginners.

2 ButtonsYou should already have some sewing experience. You can sew curves/corners and have some experience sewing jersey, and you’ve also sewn in a zipper or two.

3 ButtonsYou’ve been sewing for quite some time and have experience with a variety of fabrics and patterns. And you wouldn’t shy away from an invisible zipper!

4 ButtonsYou’re an expert and would fearlessly take on intricate projects like blazers or jackets.

sewing level

How do I take my own measurements most precisely?

If you want to measure yourself, it’s best to either have a friend help you or to stand in front of a big mirror. It’s important that the tape measure is completely level and flat around whatever part you are measuring, that is, that it doesn’t dip down, pucker, or squeeze you.


  1. HeightMeasure from the soles of your feet to the top of your head – you can, for example, measure yourself against a doorframe, using a pencil mark.
  2. BustMeasure the bust at the fullest part.
  3. Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of the waist.
  4. HipsMeasure horizontally around the fullest part of the hips, usually around the seat.
  5. Side lengthMeasure from the waist, over the hips, to the soles of the feet.
how to measure

Questions about fabrics

Where can I buy the fabric?

The fabrics shown on pattydoo are available from different shops on Dawanda. Once you have designed your pattern and chosen the right fabric for it, you can either buy it or save it as a draft/design. The pattern-pdf or the saved draft contains links to the shops where you can buy the fabrics you’ve chosen.

Why would a certain fabric disappear not be displayed anymore?

For each pattern only the suitable fabrics – for example for a shirt only jersey and cuff material – will be displayed. And when you’re using the pattydoo designer, only the fabric that is available on Dawanda at the start of that particular day will be listed.

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